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Profitech Packaging machines

Supply voltage
400 V, 50 Hz
Installed power
max 1 kW for head
Work pressure
> 6 bar
Compressed air consumption
100 nl/min
up to 20 dos / min for head
0 - 3000 g
± 1g (depends on the product)


Single or Multi-head vibrating channel weigher

We manufacture vibrating channel weighers of different sizes for weighing dry products in grains or pieces.
The possibility of installing different weighers in battery (multi-head) allows us to satisfy any weighing request.

The main features are:

  • Weighing basket in stainless steel, easily removable and cleanable
  • Possibility of dosing any type of product in size
  • High accuracy of weighing
  • Different versions to satisfy all the needs of combination with other machines.

Available accessories:

  • Weighing baskets diversified by size
  • Level sensor
  • Inert gas injection
  • Vibrator on discharge hopper
  • Foot control for semi-automatic versions
  • Weight control
  • Remote control and production report via e-mail
  • Conveyors