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Welding line | LM6

Profitech Packaging machines

Supply voltage
400 V, 50 Hz
Installed power
10 kW
Work pressure
> 6 bar
Compressed air consumption
800 Nl/min
140 caps/min
< 20 gr
± 0,2 gr
Oxygen residue
< 0,8%

Special Machines | LM6

Jars welding line

The LM6 welding line applies a heat-sealing film on plastic cans (in this case the cans contain ground coffee).
Before the sealing station, the film is equipped with an aroma-saving valve.
The machine is equipped with 6 welding heads that allow it to reach a constant production of 100 cans / minute.

The main features are:

  • Monobloc frame for quick installation at the end customer
  • Easily removable and interchangeable welding heads
  • Photocell for the use of printed film
  • Group for the application of the aroma-saving valve
  • Interchangeable can insertion screw to work with different types of cans
  • Scraps re-wrapping system

Available accessories:

  • Inert gas injection
  • Scrap suction system
  • E-mail remote control and production report
  • Vision control